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Astronaut James Holden was chosen to become the first man on Mars, but after a catastrophic test descent to Earth, he finds himself shifted into an alternate world. A world where Kennedy survived in Dallas, 9/11 never happened and where his wife sees him as a total stranger!


Married to an oil heiress who thinks he's gone insane, and with the prospect of meeting his other “self” looming, Holden struggles to keep his sanity.


Trapped like a fugitive and desperate to find a way back, he is befriended by Red Hawk, an enigmatic shaman, who tells him of ancient mystical powers. Dismissing the shaman's guidance, he seeks the help of a world-renowned physicist, working on a controversial inter-dimensional accelerator under the desert.


With Black-Ops agents closing in and Holden's other “self” about to appear, will our beleaguered spaceman be forced to look beyond his rigid scientific beliefs towards the world of sacred powers and mystical teachings?


Will he escape holding the keys to a hidden universe, or be trapped living in the parallel world forever?

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"A visual & metaphysical tour de force" ~ Amazon review

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