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The Paradigm Shift Trailer - c/o

"A visual & metaphysical tour de force"

                  ~ Amazon review

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Step into a world of mystery, danger, and intrigue, as astronaut James Holden is thrust into an evocative alternate reality.


A world where Kennedy survived in Dallas, where 9/11 never happened, and where his wife sees him as a stranger!

Married to a cold-hearted heiress who thinks he’s gone insane and pursued by covert agents, can our beleaguered spaceman escape home before the possibility of encountering his alternate self ensues!

Will a enigmatic shaman help him find a way back by discovering the keys to a hidden universe, or will he be trapped, pursued like a fugitive in this alternate world forever?

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OpenAI was asked about the Story.


The ChatGPT Reply...

"Yes, the story has the potential to make a compelling sci-fi movie. It combines elements of mystery, alternate realities, personal turmoil, and philosophical questions, which are all key ingredients for an engaging sci-fi narrative. The premise of an astronaut being shifted into an alternate reality where historical events have diverged provides a fascinating backdrop for the story.


The protagonist's pursuit of returning to his own reality while facing the challenges of a loveless marriage, covert agents, and the possibility of encountering his alternate self adds layers of tension and intrigue. These conflicts can create gripping moments and keep the audience invested in the protagonist's journey. The pain of seeing his true wife treat him as a stranger adds an emotional layer to his already perilous journey.


The inclusion of a shaman character who holds the keys to a hidden universe adds a mystical and metaphysical element to the story, elevating it beyond a typical sci-fi plot. This allows for exploration of deeper themes and encourages contemplation of existential questions.


Overall, the combination of alternate realities, personal struggles, and metaphysical elements has the potential to make for an exciting and thought-provoking scifi movie. 


With skilled storytelling, strong visuals, and compelling performances, this story could captivate audiences and provide a unique and engaging cinematic experience."

OpenAI ChatGPT 2024

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