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In this thrilling sci-fi adventure, astronaut James Holden, on a failed descent to Earth, suddenly finds himself shifted into an alternate reality. A world where Kennedy survived in Dallas, 9/11 never happened, and where his wife sees him as a stranger!


Struggling to navigate this strange new world, he discovers he's married to a cold-hearted heiress who, with her family, believes he's gone insane. With covert agents now in pursuit, and the possibility of encountering his ‘alternate self’ looming, Holden struggles to keep his sanity.

Befriended by an enigmatic shaman, who tells him of ancient wisdom that holds the keys to unlocking this alternate universe, he becomes confused and desperate to find a way back. Racing against time to escape his pursuers, and with his other ‘self’ about to appear, Holden is forced to choose between the mysteries of the ancients and his blinding belief in modern science.

Will Holden, find his way home, or will he be trapped like a fugitive in this alternate world forever?


Find out in this compelling metaphysical sci-fi thriller - a journey beyond perception!

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"A visual & metaphysical tour de force" ~ Amazon review

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